Visiting address: Furusethgt 12, 2051 Jessheim

Stage area is 12 meters wide and 9 meters deep.
Full depht of stage: 11,4m
Height from stage floor to ceiling: 12,9m
Stage side area: W= 8,6m x D= 4,7m (Stage Right)
Proscenie height: 6m
Proscenie width: 13,9m
Stage height: 0,82m
Stage front to center stage curtain : 6,45m
Stage front to rear stage curtain: 9,7m
Stage front to horizon projection screen: 10,4m
2X63A 400V Three phase power available in the stage area.
A phase splitter, 6x16A ,one phase 230V is available for one of the three phase outlets.
FOH Mixingposition
Audio and light FOH mixingposition is located in the middle of the venue ( two DMX lines). There is also a seperate control room with view of the venue for lightmixing available ( two lines DMX)
There are also one DMX line available on each side of the stage.
Load in
There is direct access to the stage from the parking area. If needed, parking area can be arranged for larger vehicles.
Ullensaker Kulturhus can assist in getting stagehands and riggers if needed.
Dressing rooms
Ullensaker Kulturhus is equipped with two regular dressing rooms, each one with toilet and shower. These dressing rooms also include lit up mirrors for three persons.
There is also one large dressing room with a sink and lit up mirrors for 16 persons.
An artist lounge is also available. This room is equipped with a sofa, a sink and a refrigerator.
FOH main speakers, each side
8 x JBL VerTec 4887 (2×8″, 4×4″, 2xRing Radiator)
2 x JBL ASB 728S (2×18″)
Driven by 10 Crown iTech amps
FOH delay speakers
2 x EV T152 (12″ + 1″)
Driven by Crest VS 1100 + VS 900
FOH mono system
2 x EV T152 (12″ + 1″)
Driven by Crest VS 1100 + VS 900
FOH frontfill
4 x JBL Marquis (2×8″ + 1×1″)
Driven by Crest VS 1500
FOH sidefill
2 x JBL VP7210-95DP (10” active)
Monitor speakers
12 x JBL SRX 712m on 8 active programs
2 x JBL Mpro 412 on 2 passive programs
2 x JBL Mpro 418s 18″ sub
4 x EV SX300
FOH Console
1 x Soundcraft Vi7000 Digital console
96 mic inputs,128 channels for mix, 32 Mono/stereo-busses and 48 outputs
1 x Soundcraft MH3 32 channels
2 x Shure B52A
1 x Shure B91
10 x Shure B58A
6 x Shure B57A
6 x Shure SM57
1 x Shure B56A
1 x Sennheiser E905
5 x Sennheiser E904
4 x Sennheiser E906
3 x Sennheiser MD 421-II
2 x Neumann KMS105 silver
6 x AKG C480B-CK61
2 x EV N/D 408b
2 x Sennheiser e606
9 x Shure SM 58
4 x AKG C414
4 x AKG C214
1 x AKG C535
1x Earthworks PM40T PianoMic set
3 x DPA 4099 Instrument microphone with clips for various instruments
including 3 adapters for Shure
15 x ARS HS780 OMNI Condenser headmic with adapter for Shure
20 x ARS Tiny Lavalier 104 skin color Omni microphone with adapter for Shure
4 x DPA 4066-F Omni Headset Mic beige/MicroDot, including 4 adapters for Shure
Wireless microphones
7 x Shure Axient Digital AD4QE-A QUAD reciever (470-636MHz)
28 x Shure Axient Digital AD1 transmitter (470-636MHz)
8 x Shure Axient Digital AD2 Handheld Beta 58
15 x ARS HS780 Condenser headmic
20 x ARS Tiny Lavalier 104 skin color Omni microphone
4 x DPA 4066-F Omni Headset Mic beige/MicroDot
Portable PA
4 x JBL VRX932LAP, 12” w/ built in amplifier
4 x JBL VRX918SP, 18” w/ built in amplifier
30 Strand Cantata Fresnel 1200 Watt
30 Strand Cantata 18/32 Zoom profil 1200 Watt
10 Strand Coda Flom 1000 Watt
14 Strand Coda Flom 500 Watt
26 Strand Quartet Fresnel 650 Watt
29 Strand Brio 18/30 Zoom profil 650 Watt
12 Par 64 w/ various lamps 1000 Watt
12 Par 64 Floorcan 1000 Watt
72 Par 64 mounted on 12 x 6-bar 1000 Watt
16 COLORdash PAR Quad18 RGBA Led
2 Mac 550 profil
6 Mac 700
4 Mac Encore Performance WRM
12 Clay Paky K10 B-Eye
1 Robert Juliat Super Korrigan Followspot 7-14,5
12 Robert Juliat 614 1200W kondensatorprofil
3 Black Lights
4 Atomic 3000 Strobe lights
6 DTS 4Light Blinders

4 Communication Radios with monophone and earhanger. 2 channel
1 MDG Atmosphere Hazer
1 JEM ZR35 Fog Machine
1 ELC FocusBrain
8 Portable Light Towers
1 Drum Mat
1 Drum Throne
50 Notestands with lights
6 Vario PVC Dance floors (12m x 1,6m)
28 Stage decks (2m x 1m) Height 20cm, 40cm, 60cm, 80cm and 1m
1 Projector Barco RLM W8 8000 ANSI lumen
1 Portable projection screen 16:10, 508cmx325cm
5 Single guitarstands with autolock and backrest
5 Single guitarstands, suited for electric, acoustic and bass guitar
8 x BSS AR-133 D
Light console
1 Strand 520i
1 MA GrandMA2 Light
1 ETC Smartfade 1248

4 Strand LD90 with 18 light cuircuts,13A. 1 Strand LD90 with 18 circuits, 25A ThreePhase 230V

1 Bechstein C234 Grand Piano (tuned in 440hz)
1 Yamaha G2 Digital Grand Piano
1 Ampeg BA115HP, Bass combo
1 Ampeg SVTCL Bass Head Classic 300W
1 Ampeg SVT810E Bass cabinet 8×10”
1 Ampeg SVT410HE Bass cabinet 4×10»
1 Ampeg SVT15E Bass cabinet 1×15»
2 Marshall JCM900 4100 Head
2 Marshall 1960A Cabinet 4×12
2 Fender Hot Rod Deville III 212
1 Fender 65 Twin Reverb
1 Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb
1 Yamaha CP 300 Stage piano
1 Nord Stage 2 HA88
1 Yamaha Absolute Maple hybrid Drumkit (TT10x7, TT12x8, TT13x9, FT14x13,
FT16x15, FT18x16, SD14x6, BD22x14 & BD24x14) With complete Yamaha
hardware kit including 4 boom cymbal stands and a single bassdrum pedal.
Zildjian A Custom Cymbals (14 Hi-hat, 16 crash, 18 crash, 19 crash and 20 Medium Ride)
1 Drum Workshop DWCP5002AD4 double bassdrum pedal